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All runners must be old over 20 years old(on the date of the race) and must provide us with amedical certificate less than 1 year old (on the date of the race).

You can download the 'standard' medical certificate to have it completed by your doctor.


How do I modify my reservations?

For all requests for modifications, additions of additional nights, send us your request by email to:

How do I cancel my reservations?

All cancellation requests must be requested by email to:

Cancellation charges depend on your cancellation date and are listed in our terms and conditions.

Can I change the name of one of the runners?

We allow name changes free of charge up to 30 days before the marathon and subject to receipt of the valid medical certificate for the new runner. All requests must be sent to us by email to:

Room type and pack

My companion is not running, how do I register them? ?

The Single Room Pack is intended for 1 person alone in their room. 

The Double Room Pack is intended for 2 people sharing the same room and 1 double bed.

The Twib Room Pack is intended for 2 people sharing the same room with 2 separate beds in the same room.

You have the option of registering a non-runner companion with you. Choose the number of bibs included in your pack. Your companion will have access to the transfers set up and you can also register them for the 'official Friday dinner' and 'Sunday meal-walk' options.

When should I send my medical certificate?

Each runner must be over 20 years old (on the date of the race) and must provide their information and download their medical certificate before June 30, 2024. A link will be sent to you later. The medical certificate must be dated less than 1 year from the date of the Marathon written in French or English only. You can use the template at the top of this page.

When and how will I collect my bib?

How does the "delivery of my bib" option work?

Please arrive on Friday, the day before the race, at the Cosec in Pauillac at the Tutti Quanti reception desk with your identity document. When you hand over your bib, we will give you the wristbands for any services reserved and subject to access control (Meals, shuttle).

If you have subscribed to this option, there is no need to go to Pauillac the day before the Marathon, your runner's pack (including your bib, your T-shirt, bag and bracelet) will be delivered directly to your hotel reception on Friday morning!

How do Friday shuttles work?

On Friday, shuttles from an easily accessible central point were made available to reach Pauillac to collect your bibs. You can choose your departure location and time in the transfers section. You must be logged in with your identifiers that you used when registering for the Marathon Pack.

How do the Saturday shuttles work?

On Saturday, shuttles are available to reach Pauillac for the Marathon Day ! The shuttles next to your hotel at 6:30 a.m. from Bordeaux city hotels and from Bordeaux Lac. 

The return is at 5:00 p.m. from Pauillac.

You can leave something to change in the lockers of your coach.

How do I cancel my reservations?

THE conditions of sale are indicated and to be validated (validation checkmark) during the sales process. You can also download them below, inEnglish(CGV GB.PDF) or in French (CGV FR.PDF).

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